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Safety Problem:


Burglaries in homes and offices are booming every year both in Europe and the US. No matter what laws each country follow or what security measures it takes, it's just impossible to completely protect civilians from criminals.



How Can You Defend?


You need to have layers of protection for your property. Sure an alarm system is good, sure you can have a dog, maybe even a shotgun but is that enough to keep your loved ones 100% safe? No.

Most of the victims had all that but criminals were just one step ahead. They just know how to handle all traditional security solutions.

So you need something extreme.



Build a Panic Room in just 5 days:


A Panic Room should not be in the basement. You just do not have time to get there in case of an emergency nor can you make sure your kids get there in time. Therefore we turn your entire bedroom or office into a panic roof by reinforcing every structural aspect. With our highly experienced crew, we can turn any existing room into a fully equipped panic room in just 5 days. Without demolishing the entire place, changing the architectural layout, altering the interior design or adding bulky steel closets etc, we turn your master bedroom, those of your kids, your office or any other existing room into an actual panic room, that no criminal can penetrate in any way.



What does it include? 


A Panic Room is a total security area where you can find refuge in case of an emergency. Nobody can get in or force you out. To accomplish that we install in your existing rooms (bedroom, office, etc)

  • armored steel panels within your walls

  • bulletproof windows auto-sealed with armored steel panels in case of emergency 

  • bulletproof doors

  • Electronic Access Control

  • Control Panel to monitor your CCTV so you can see, talk and listen.

  • Ventilation control system and gas masks against gas attack

  • Fire Extinguishing System against a fire attack

  • Multiple different layers of communication options (land, mobile, satellite, internet, RF, etc) 

  • Gun storage so you can defend yourself

  • Complete medical kit

  • Separate alarm system and panic SOS notification

  • Separate power generator and battery system to last several days

  • Water and Food to last several days



How much does it cost?


A Panic Room is a custom-made construction. Therefore get in touch with us so we can arrange a cost-free on-site survey, come up with a security plan and a detailed cost proposition matching your needs.



Our Clients:


Throughout the years, we've completed several Pani Room projects for:

  • Government buildings,

  • Private villas,

  • Companies

  • Exclusive Hotels

  • Private Schools

  • Yachts.


It goes without saying that we never share info on our clients or use theie projects in our portofolio for marketing reasons. Discretion is of the outmost importance in our business.

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